Maps & Plans

Greenwood Community Map

Every two years, the Greenwood-Leflore Chamber of Commerce publishes an updated map of Greenwood's community resources and points of interest, including schools, parks, neighborhoods, health care facilities, emergency services, and historic sites. View map.

City Limits & Council Wards

The City of Greenwood is divided into seven wards, each of which elects one councilperson to the Greenwood City Council. This map shows the boundaries of the City of Greenwood, the major transportation corridors, and the ward delineations in the City. View map.

Current Zoning Map

The Greenwood Zoning Map displays the current land use as governed by the City of Greenwood Zoning Ordinance in map form. Uses range from residential and commercial to industrial, as well as other more specialized uses. View map.

Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map for the City of Greenwood is a general guide for how the use of land should be administered when making future planning and zoning decisions. The Future Land Use Map is not the same thing as the Zoning Map. View map.

Historic Districts

Greenwood has several historic districts, some of which are overseen by the Greenwood Historic Preservation Commission. Properties located within a historic district may be eligible for tax credits and other redevelopment incentives through the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. View map.

Downtown Walking Tour

Take a walk downtown and see our city's historic districts on foot! The downtown Greenwood walking tour is a great way to learn about Greenwood's history while seeing points of interest, beautiful streetscapes, and the historic architecture that makes Greenwood unique. View map.


Greenwood Comprehensive Plan

Adopted in October 2010, the Greenwood Comprehensive Plan identifies opportunities for land use, transportation, and capital improvements, and provides recommendations for the preservation of the natural environment as well as improvements to the built environment, all of which will make Greenwood a healthier and more sustainable place to call home. View plan.

A Time of Reckoning

The Mississippi Delta Strategic Compact released this report of findings in June 2009 as a first effort at planning for the revitalization of the Mississippi Delta region. View report.

CDP Baptist Town Initiative

In the winter of 2009, Harvard University's Community Development Project (CDP) published some of the observations their group made during visits to Baptist Town in prior months. Their work further paved the way for the Baptist Town Revitalization Project. View report.

CSTC Baptist Town Study

The Carl Small Town Center (CSTC) at Mississippi State University released this study on the state of Greenwood's Baptist Town neighborhood in 2002. It's findings led to the Baptist Town Revitalization Project currently underway in the historic African-American neighborhood. View report.

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