Coronavirus updates:

  1. Message from the Waste Water Treatment Facility regarding the flushing of Wet Wipes
  2. Resolution regarding the COVID-19 ZOOM City Council Call Meeting at 1:00PM, Monday, March 23
    The attached Resolution has not been signed; however, it was adopted and passed unanimously by the council. Rhe signed Resolution will be posted soon.
  3. Recycling:
    Unfortunately, all recycling must stop until the COVID-19 global crisis is over or significantly decreased.
    All recycling bins will be removed and no curb-side will be picked-up or collected, until further notice.
    Thank you for your continued cooperation!
  4. March 20 - Health Dept. Updates
  5. March 20 - Small Businesses + more
  6. March 20 - City Employee
  7. March 19 Update #2
  8. March 19
  9. Washington cases
  10. Food Deliveries
  11. March 17
  12. March 13







Letter #1 Regarding Coronavirus

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