Historic Preservation Commission

About the Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission safeguards the city's historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage through the preservation and improvement of historic landmarks and districts. In addition to making Greenwood a better place for its citizens, the commission's efforts enhance Greenwood's appeal to tourists and visitors.


  • Rev. Calvin Collins
  • Tish Rodgers
  • Lynn C. Berman
  • Brantley Snipes
  • Claudia White
  • Becky Palmer
  • Will Perkins
  • Tim Tyler
  • John Beard

Members are appointed by the city and serve five-year terms. Terms expire October 1.

If you are interested in applying for a vacancy, you may apply online or contact the Office of the Mayor for an application form.

All members must demonstrate interest or competency in historic preservation. When possible, the board appoints professional members from the primary historic preservation related disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history or archaeology or from secondary historic preservation related disciplines as urban planning, American studies, American Civilization, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, interior design, law and related fields.

Meeting Information

Meetings held the second Monday of the month at 4:00 pm on call.


To bring a matter to the attention of the Historic Preservation Committee, please fill out this application and deliver it (along with supporting documents and $20 fee plus $1 filing fee) to the Committee at least 19 days prior to the meeting.

Information about tax credits and Main Street façade grants can be found here.

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