Fire Safety

Causes of Fire Fatalities

Since 2003, Mississippi has led the nation in fire fatalities. The top three causes of fire fatalities in Mississippi are: heating (26% of fires), careless smoking (23% of fires), and electrical (17% of fires). Most fire-related deaths result from the inhalation of smoke or other toxic gases, not from the actual fire itself.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

The majority of fires (58%) occur in homes without smoke alarms. Smoke alarms save lives by providing early warning of fire danger. In fact, a functioning smoke alarm in your home may increase your survival rate by 78%! It is also very important to have an escape plan in case of fire, which should include a designated meeting place once you and your family have exited your home.

How to Properly Install a Smoke Detector

  • Smoke detectors should be installed high on the wall, 6 to 12 inches below the ceiling.
  • Smoke detectors should be located outside of every bedroom of non-smokers and inside of the bedrooms of individuals who smoke.
  • Smoke detectors should be located on every floor of your home and should be checked and cleaned weekly to ensure the device is functioning properly.

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is a by-product of combustion and is commonly present in smoke. It is also known as the “silent killer” because it is colorless and odorless. The most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may resemble that of the flu or common cold. Carbon monoxide detectors are the only way to detect the presence of carbon monoxide within your home and they are very affordable.


  1. Who is the Fire Chief at the Greenwood Fire Department?
    Marcus D. Banks

  2. What is the City of Greenwood's fire rating?
    Greenwood's fire rating is Class 4.

  3. How many fire stations are in Greenwood and what are their locations?
    The Greenwood Fire Department has four fire stations: Fire Station #1 is located at 404 Main Street, Fire Station #2 is located at 808 Carrollton Avenue, Fire Station #3 is located at 307 Tallahatchie Street, and Fire Station #4 is located at 207 Highway 7 North.

  4. What are the requirements to become a firefighter?
    Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and they must be at least 21 years of age.

  5. Does the Greenwood Fire Department have a fire dog?
    Not at this time.

  6. When a firefighter is in full turnout gear, how much does it weigh?
    75 lbs.

  7. Can firefighters' gear burn?
    Yes. Their gear can burn at temperatures above 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

  8. Are there any female firefighters at the Greenwood Fire Department?
    Not at this time, but the Greenwood Fire Department has employed two females in the past. The Greenwood Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer.

  9. What is the typical work schedule for a firefighter?
    Firefighters work 24 hours on shift (7 a.m. to 7 a.m.) followed by 48 hours off.

  10. Do firefighters still slide down a pole at the fire station?
    No. For safety reasons, firefighters no longer slide down poles when responding to a fire.

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