Public Works


Susan Bailey heads the Greenwood Public Works Department, which is responsible for:

  • Facilities management
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Parks and recreation maintenance
  • Refuse collection
  • Seasonal leaf collection
  • Stormwater management
  • Street and sidewalk construction and maintenance
  • Wastewater management

Public Works enforces the city's tree ordinance and assists Greenwood Utilities in the maintenance of the city's street lights and traffic signals.


  1. What does it cost to rent the Youth Center or Senior Citizen building? What dates are it open?
    Youth Center: $150 with a $75 deposit, $225 total. Senior Citizen building: $100 with a $50 deposit, $150 total. Call (662) 455-7660 to inquire on the date of rental.
  2. What day is my garbage picked up?
    For household or commercial garbage: refer to map.
  3. What day is my trash picked up?
    Trash includes: grass clippings, limbs, and other yard debris. All leaves and grass clippings must be bagged. Refer to map.
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