Civil Service Commission

About the Civil Service Commission

The duties, power and authority of the civil service commission shall be those set forth in Senate Bill No. 127, and said civil service commission so established shall operate under and in conformity with all of the terms and provisions of said Senate Bill No. 127. All employees of the city who are required to render service to the civil service commission are hereby authorized and empowered and directed so to do according to the terms of the said legislative enactment.

It shall be the duty of the civil service commission to make suitable rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of Sections 21-31-1 through 21-31-27. Such rules and regulations shall provide in detail the manner of conducting examinations, appointments, promotions, transfers, reinstatements, demotions, suspensions and discharges, and may also provide for any other matter connected with the general subject of personnel administration, and which may be considered desirable to further carry out the general purposes of Sections 21-31-1 through 21-31-27. It shall have the power to conduct investigations, and make reports on all matters touching the enforcement and effect of the provisions of Sections 21-31-1 through 21-31-27, and the rules and regulations prescribed hereunder. The commission shall have the power to investigate all complaints which must be reduced to writing, subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, and conduct hearings.


  • Michael Adams, Ward 1
  • Bryan Lott, Ward 2
  • Lula Moore, Ward 3
  • Jackie Smith, Ward 4
  • Emma Bell, Ward 5
  • Jesse Shavers, Ward 6
  • Vacant - TBD, Ward 7

Members serve six-year term. Terms expire August 20.

Meeting Information

Meetings held second Monday of each month at 2:00 pm.

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