Community Development


The Department of Community Development oversees various aspects of city planning and development for the City of Greenwood. Department Director Betty Stigler and his staff of building inspectors and code enforcement officers are tasked with inspection of residential and commercial development, enforcing the Code of Ordinances and the International Property Maintenance Code, issuing building and sign permits, making recommendations to the city's Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission, and enforcing the city's zoning laws.

Under This Department:

Inspection and Permitting

  • Building Permits: Learn how to calculate the value of buildings, structures, or alternations, to determine the permit fee. Also: demolition fees, moving fees, and inspection permits.
  • International Building Code: The City of Greenwood abides by the 2012 International Building code, which can be read in full here.
  • Licensing for Contractors: Requirements for obtaining an electrical, plumbing, gas fitters or mechanical license.

Planning and Zoning

  • Comprehensive Plan: Adopted in October 2010, the Greenwood Comprehensive Plan identifies opportunities for land use, transportation, and capital improvements, and provides recommendations for the preservation of the natural environment as well as improvements to the built environment, all of which will make Greenwood a healthier and more sustainable place to call home.
  • Planning Commission Review: Learn how to make a request for variance, conditional use permits, and re-zoning.
  • Subdivision Regulations: See Nikkole Payne.
  • Zoning Maps: View the Current Zoning Map and the Future Land Use Map.
  • Zoning and Development Code: View the 2015 Greenwood Zoning and Development Code.

Code Enforcement

  • Municipal Code: The Greenwood Code of Ordinances was originally adopted in 1977, and has been a work in progress ever since. You can browse, search, print, share, and download the city ordinances sections from this online version.
  • Property Maintenance: Learn about Greenwood's property maintenance standards, pertaining to issues such as litter, weeds, grass, vehicle parking, illegal signs, pools, hot tubs, etc.
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