Fire Department


Fire Chief Marcus Banks (MPP, CFO) oversees the Greenwood Fire Department, which protects life, property and the community environment from the destructive effects of fire, disasters, or other life hazards by providing public education, incident prevention, and emergency response services. The Fire Department has four fire station locations throughout the city.

About the Department

The Greenwood Fire Department averages 500 calls per year. 40% of the calls are for actual fires, while 30% are for motor vehicle collisions. The rest of the calls are false alarms. The Fire Department has an average response time of less than four minutes and is proud of its Class 4 fire rating.


The Greenwood Fire Department is an organization of committed professionals dedicated to saving life and property through fire prevention, safety education, and emergency fire service. The department provides fire protection throughout the City of Greenwood by adequately staffing, training, and equipping firefighters with the knowledge and tools necessary to professionally perform its mission.

More Information

Contact the Fire Department for information on fire safety, to request a free advisory fire safety inspection of your home, or to arrange a group tour of a fire station with a presentation on fire prevention.

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