Garbage and Trash


  1. What day is my garbage picked up?
    For household or commercial garbage: refer to map.
  2. What day is my trash picked up?
    Trash includes: grass clippings, limbs, and other yard debris. All leaves and grass clippings must be bagged. Refer to map.
  3. What does it cost to rent a space in one of the city parks?
    $30 to rent a park space; $5 per extra table; $15 per bleacher; $20 per port-a-john. Call (662) 455-7660 to inquire on renting an open space in the park.
  4. What can the trash department pick up? What can it not pick up?
    The trash department picks up yard debris. It does not pick up tires, large piles of building materials, roofing shingles, paint cants, or other hazardous materials. Please be advised of the City's New Bulk Trash Pickup Ordinance - Section 28-5 . The city will pick-up, up to 100 cubic feet of trash which is equivalent to 4 scoops. There will be an additional $50 per scoop for anything over the authorized 4 scoops.
  5. What does it cost to purchase an extra garbage can?
    95 gallon can: $48.50. 65 gallon can: $43.00
    There is an additional $5.00 per month charge per extra garbage can 
  6. What does it cost for a backdoor pickup for garbage?
    $5 extra on the utility bill.
  7. What does it cost for garbage pickup? How often is it picked up?
    Residential: $23.50
    Residential with backdoor: $28.50
    Commercial: $28.84
    Commercial backdoor: $37.74
    Garbage is picked up once a week.
  8. I have a tree that needs trimming or needs to be cut down. I need to know if it is on city property.
    Call (662) 455-7660, and a city employee will measure the right of way to see if the tree is on city property. If it is, we will address the issue.
  9. When does the city give out leaf bags and how can I get some?
    The city gives out leaf bags from November to January. Residents must come to the public works office with proof of residence (gas bill, light bill, etc.) to get bags. 30 bags are given out once to each residence. No apartment complexes receive bags because they have a maintenance department.
  10. What is the holiday schedule for garbage?
    If the holiday occurs on a Monday, the following garbage schedule is followed: Monday's garbage is picked up on Tuesday, Tuesday's on Wednesday, Wednesday's on Thursday, and Thursday's on Friday. If the holiday falls on a Friday, garbage pickup is not affected.
  11. I have an old set of tires. What can I do with them?
    The city does not pick them up. There is not a trailer for tire collection on the city barn yard.  All tires must be taken to the Leflore County Unit System, located on Highway 7 North.
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