Business Services

Diverse Economy

Greenwood has worked hard to diversify its local economy over recent years by maintaining existing jobs and creating opportunities for new jobs. From major manufacturing facilities, professional service firms, and retail store owners, to healthcare and education providers, Greenwood boasts a long list of successful business ventures in every sector of the economy. We are also proud of the many local non-profit entities that provide mission-oriented services throughout the city.

Business License

Privilege licenses (or business licenses) are required for operation of a business within the city limits of Greenwood. Privilege license fees are charged to businesses for the privilege of conducting business within the city. Requirement of and specifications for privilege licenses are described in the Greenwood Code of Ordinances. To start the process of opening your new business in Greenwood, visit the business licenses page for more information and an application.

Local Business Organizations

Economic Development Foundation

The Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll Economic Development Foundation works to recruit new industry and support existing industry in the area by providing tools, incentives, and technical assistance to local businesses.

Greenwood-Leflore Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is supportive of endeavors to improve the quality of life, promote fair business practices, fulfill educational needs, and provide recognition of achievement in the local business community.

Main Street Greenwood

Main Street Greenwood believes that the revitalization of historic downtown Greenwood will not only promote economic development, but also instill a sense of pride and place among the citizens of the community.

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