Main Street Dues

Businesses & Neighbors

Main Street Greenwood has a variety of membership dues structures designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Membership is not constrained just to businesses and individuals within the downtown realm. Instead, membership throughout the overall community is encouraged. Our downtown is the heart of the Greenwood community, and a healthy, vibrant heart is what sustains our community. To become a member, simply download the membership form and drop it and a check in the mail.

Membership dues are based on the size of your business because by preserving and restoring our Historic Downtown, we directly impact and benefit the lives of individuals within our community, individuals that work in your business. The more employees you have, the more people benefit and participate in the work of Main Street.

Businesses Financial Institutions Neighbors
Number of Employees Annual Dues
1-5 $130.00
6-10 $250.00
11-20 $380.00
20-100 $620.00
100-500 $1300.00
500+ $2500.00
Local Deposit Total Annual Dues
<$35 million $620.00
>$35 million $1300.00
Type Annual Dues
Churches $130.00
Civic Clubs $360.00
Residents $60.00