Current Projects

Ongoing Main Street Greenwood Projects
The following projects are ongoing or currently in progress.

Downtown Development Toolbox 

Main Street Greenwood has been working hard to establish as many incentives as possible to encourage downtown redevelopment. There have been 2 tax incentive resolutions passed to accompany our existing grants and tax credits in downtown. For more information on this toolbox, please see it under projects < downtown development toolbox. 

Carrollton & Johnson Revitalization
Work continues to be done to building facades along the Carrollton and Johnson Corridor in downtown Greenwood. To date, over 22 buildings have received new facades with the help of a grant from the Foundation for the Mid-South. More façade improvements are expected to continue throughout 2012.

Downtown Walking Tour Brochure + App 
Together with the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and MS Department of Archives and History, Main Street Greenwood is working to update our Historic Walking Tour Brochure. Not only will there be a paper brochure, but there will be smart phone application to accommodate tours of our historic downtown. The project is expected to launch in Fall of 2014.