City Beautification

A clean and attractive community is essential to providing a high quality of life for our residents. Mayor McAdams has worked hard to keep the city's neighborhoods beautiful through regular cleanup, code enforcement, landscaping, and proper attention to detail.

Downtown Revitalization

The city has been a proud partner in the revitalization of downtown Greenwood. The city's downtown improvement projects include the construction of the downtown parking lot, the revitalization of Howard and Johnson Streets, and the linear park along the old C&G railroad.

Financial Stability

As mayor, McAdams has worked hard to balance the budget each year without tapping into our reserves, all while steadily adding over $900,000 to the surplus. With strong leadership, the city has been able to do more with less, all while weathering a tough economic downturn.

Healthy Hometown

After three years of hard work, Greenwood was selected as a 2012 Healthy Hometown by the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation of Mississippi. Projects contributing to the designation include the Yazoo River Trail, the Greenwood Linear Park, the Downtown Greenwood Farmers Market, 300 Oaks Road Race, Bikes, Blues & Bayous, and the Viking Half Marathon.

Safe Community

Living in a safe community gives residents and visitors the peace of mind they need to live a comfortable life in Greenwood. The Greenwood Police Department patrols the neighborhoods and communities regularly, including the downtown bike patrol, to keep the town safe and secure.