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Recycling Center
About Us
Greenwood Leflore Recycling officially launched its recycling program March 1, 2011 and is a joint effort by the City of Greenwood and Leflore County. Currently, recyclables are accepted at four drop-off locations throughout Greenwood, and a curbside program allows residents who sign up to have their recycling picked up at their residence once a week.

Why Recycle?
Recycling helps earn money for your community. The City of Greenwood pays $32 a ton to bury garbage at the landfill. Most of that can be recycled and sold for $80 to $1,500 per ton. Recycling products rather than manufacturing them from raw materials drastically reduces pollution of air, soil, and water.

Where to Recycle
Four drop-off locations are accessible 24 hours a day. View recycling location maps for directions:
  • 1500 Commerce Street (chutes at Recycling Center warehouse)
  • East Claiborne near Yazoo River boat ramp (between the bridges)
  • Walmart Shopping Center (behind Little Caesar's)
  • Parking lot behind the Leflore County Civic Center

How to Recycle
  • Read our flyer to know what items are recyclable and how to process them. 
  • The only plastics are acceptable are #1 and #2 bottles. All others, #3-7 plastics, unlabeled and soft plastics must go into trash.
  • Rinse bottles and cans.
  • Bubble wrap, Styrofoam, other soft plastics are NOT recyclable.
  • Do not include plastic bags. All items should be loose in the bins. Walmart takes back shopping bags. 
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes to save space. 

Incentives for Businesses
Recycling cardboard can drastically reduce a business dumpster rate by lowering the number of times per week your dumpster is emptied. Currently more than 100 Greenwood businesses recycle cardboard, paper, and bottles.

Contact Information
Kenya Adams
Recycling Coordinator

1500 Commerce St.
P. O. Box 907
Greenwood MS 38930

Ph: (662) 455-7625

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